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Walking alone,
Not knowing how or where to go.
Day after day,
Not seeing colors only gray.
And then I closed my eyes
To look inside
To see if I could see me:
...missing parts...
...a lonely heart...
And my dreams...

Living within,
I guess that's how it's always been.
I didn't care;
I wasn't looking anywhere.
Then came my destiny--
In spite of me--
Through everything--I found you;
In your eyes,
I saw your light
And I knew...

One thing I know:
I wish I'd met you years ago;
Now I can love,
And I feel safe with just your touch.
I know you're here today,
But will you stay...
Or will you go tomorrow?
Will there be
A guarantee
Down the road?

Copyright 2001 Joel J. Hess All Rights Reserved